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  • Could ‘big data’ of the past allow us to build an historical social network? The Venice Time Machine Project is finding out — by Kevin Baumer Meet Battista [...]

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  • Peer-reviewing Frontiers

    January 27, 2016

    Surveys among thousands of our authors, editors, reviewers show high overall satisfaction with Frontiers,  but also yield constructive criticisms which help us to improve our processes and platform. Frontiers is determined to let researchers shape scholarly publishing. It is therefore important [...]
  • Peer review plays a pivotal role in the advancement of scholarly literature. Around 2 million research papers are currently published every year, all assessed by expert colleagues to analyse the authors’ results and conclusions, provide detailed feedback and help shape the manuscripts. But it is [...]
  • Frontiers has several key strategies to ensure the highest quality standards possible through our collaborative peer review. [...]