How can I host my own Frontiers Research Topic?

Here is a step by step guide on how to submit and host a Research Topic to drive scholarly communication in your research field

For your online proposal, everything you need is listed below:

1. The Topic Editors: You can host a Research Topic on your own, but many of our most successful Topics were co-hosted by a senior researcher and one or two early-career scientists.

2. A Title:  A compelling and concise title.

3. A Description: Set up the scope of your Research Topic with a maximum of 500 words. Strive for encyclopedic coverage, considering a range of questions, theories, methods, areas of impact, historical perspectives, etc.

4. Deadlines: 6-8 months is often the best time frame, but this is flexible. Consider 2 months for abstract submissions and 4-6 for manuscript submissions.

5. A List of candidate contributors:  Compile a list of researchers that cover as many nuances of your Research Topic as you can think of. Ideally a Topic should receive at least 10-15 manuscripts.
All Frontiers publications are free to access (under a Creative Commons license). Like other high-quality open access journals, this means that accepted manuscripts for certain article types are subject to a publishing fee. In the interest of helping researchers run their topics, the fees for Research Topic articles are considerably reduced. For a detailed list of our publishing fees, please see here.

Frontiers’ unique open-science platform makes launching and managing a Research Topic a straightforward process and you will have the full support of the Frontiers editorial office at every step of the way.

If you would like suggest a topic and already have a Frontiers account: please click here. The proposal is subject to approval by the Specialty Chief Editor.

If you do not have a Frontiers account yet, you can quickly register here (for free, of course!). Co-editors will also need to register to serve as Topic Editors. Please note that the Chief Editors would appreciate if you and your co-editors completed the “About” and “Professional Expertise” tabs in your profile.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your submission!

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