Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is organized every October, intended to raise awareness of breast cancer and help raise funds for vital research into its prevention, diagnosis and cure. As the month draws to a close, Frontiers presents a selection of articles on cancer research.

Breast cancer stem cells

Frontiers in Physiology

(Thomas W. Owens and Matthew J. Naylor)

The recent discovery of cancer stem cells (CSCs) has prompted new research and discussion. This review summarizes what is currently known about the origins of breast CSCs, their role in disease progression and ways in which they may be targeted therapeutically.

The impact of cancer therapy on cognition in the elderly

Frontiers in Pharmacology

(Victoria Mandilaras, Doreen Wan-Chow-Wah, Johanne Monette, Francine Gaba, Michèle Monette and Linda Alfonso)

Despite the improving rates of cancer survival little is known about how cancer therapy impairs cognition in elderly patients. This clinical case study outlines two patients who may have suffered cancer treatement-related cognitive decline and reviews the literature on this complex phenomenon.

Breast cancer: from “maximum tolerable” to “minimum effective” treatment

Frontiers in Oncology

(Umberto Veronesi, Vaia Stafyla, Alberto Luini and Paolo Veronesi)

Medical science has gone through an important evolution in the past century that was based on the progress in research and on the advances in technology. This review looks at how breast cancer therapy has advanced over the past 40 years, in part thanks to the role of scientific randomized trials.

Morphine use in cancer surgery

Frontiers in Pharmacology

(Banafsheh Afsharimani, Peter J. Cabot and Marie-Odile Parat)

It is currently disputed whether or not morphine has a role in either tumor-promotion or inhibition. This review discusses the currently available evidence on morphine and its role in cancer, and the potential of alternate pain-relief medication.

Vitamin D and cancer

Frontiers in Endocrinology 

(Laura Vuolo, Carolina Di Somma, Antongiulio Faggiano and Annamaria Colao)

This review highlights the relationship between vitamin D and cancer, summarizing several mechanisms proposed to explain the potential protective effect of vitamin D against the development and progression of cancer.

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