Frontiers editors & authors elected as NAS Fellows

Congratulations to the 6 Frontiers editors and authors elected as National Academy of Sciences Members and Foreign Associates!
We are pleased to announce that six Frontiers editors and authors have been elected as National Academy of Science members in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.
Larry Abbott
William Bloor Professor of Theoretical Neuroscience, Columbia University
Assistant Field Chief Editor, Frontiers in Neuroscience
Julian Davies
Professor Emeritus of Microbiology and Immunology, University of British Columbia
Associate Editor, Frontiers in Microbiology

Jeff Lichtman
Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, Harvard University
Review Editor & Author, Frontiers in Neuroscience 

Helen J Neville
Professor of Psychology, University of Oregon

Author, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Emery N Brown
Warren M. Zapol Professor of Anaesthesia, Massachusetts General Hospital
Author, Frontiers in Neuroscience

Robert B Darnell
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Heilbrunn Cancer Professor and senior physician, Rockefeller University
Author, Frontiers in Neural Circuits

Visit the NAS website to read the full news announcement.

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