Frontiers in Robotics and AI in collaboration with FutureTechLabs

Frontiers in Robotics and AI is delighted to collaborate with FutureTechLabs, a unique 3D Design & Bionics workshop aimed at budding young researchers

Frontiers in Robotics and AI and FutureTechLabs are joining forces to promote open knowledge to the next generation of robotics researchers.
Organized by Imre Bárd, a PhD student at the London School of Economics, the FutureTechLabs project is set up to prepare and educate young people to flourish in the 21st century.
The 3D Design & Bionics workshop will take place over five days (27-31 October, 2014) in London, and is aimed at inquisitive and enthusiastic young people who are interested in engineering and computers. Participants will work in groups of 3 to design, 3D print, solder, assemble and program a robotic bionic hand. The course is run by Emil Bülow, the winner of the 2014 Danish Young Scientist competition, and Peter Eduard, Emil’s tutor and science teacher.
The 20th century and the breakthrough of (personal) computers lie behind us,” says Professor A.E. (Gusz) Eiben, Specialty Chief Editor of Evolutionary Robotics and head of the Computational Intelligence Group at VU University Amsterdam. “Ahead of us: the breakthrough of robots in the 21st century. Training the new generation of developers needs to start now.
To find out more about the project and to apply, please visit or contact the Editorial Office.

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