Glass Science open for submissions

Today marks the launch of Glass Science, a new specialty section in the community-run open-access journal Frontiers in Materials.

The new section Glass Science is led by Specialty Chief Editor Dr John Mauro, Corning Inc, US.

Glass Science provides a high-visibility, interactive forum for the publication and discussion of the latest, most important advances in fundamental and applied glass science, including glass physics, chemistry and engineering technology as well as innovative new applications for glassy materials. Its mission is to accelerate the ongoing evolution of glass science from a purely empirical science to one built upon a rigorous, interdisciplinary approach, with the ultimate goal of achieving atomic-level understanding and design of novel glassy materials.

Part of the “Frontiers in” journal series, Frontiers in Materials offers:

– Interactive and collaborative review to ensure quality, rigor, and fairness

– World-class editorial boards for all specialty sections

– Open Access for maximum visibility and discoverability

– Advanced article-level analytics and demographics to track reach and impact, including social media buzz

– Fast publication, with an average of 84 days from submission to publication

– Editors and reviewers disclosed on all published articles for maximum transparency

– Commenting systems enabled on all articles to boost post-publication feedback

The editorial board of the specialty Glass Science is composed of the following Associate Editors:

Prof Philip Salmon, University of Bath, United Kingdom

Prof Howard Sheng, George Mason University, USA

Prof Gang Chen, Ohio University, USA

Prof Takayuki Komatsu, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan

Prof Yuanzheng Yue, Aalborg University, Denmark

Prof Lothar Wondraczek, University of Jena, Germany

Dr Steven Jung, MO-SCI Corporation, USA

Dr Randall Youngman, Science & Technology Division- Corning Incorporated, USA

Prof Matthieu Micoulaut, UPMC, France

Prof Limin Wang, Materials Science & Engineering, Yanshan University, China

Prof Morten Smedskjaer, Aalborg University, Denmark

Prof Gerardo Naumis, Depto. de Fisica-Quimica, Instituto de Fisica, UNAM, Mexico

Prof Jincheng Du, University of North Texas, USA

Prof Yunfeng Shi, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

Dr Ashutosh Goel, Materials Science and Engineering, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA

Dr Wolfram Höland, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein

Prof Jianrong Qiu, South China University of Technology, China

The “Frontiers in” journal series, supported by over 160,000 leading researchers worldwide, has already published 25,000 peer-reviewed articles across 50 journals, which receive 6 million views per month.

If you are interested in becoming a Review Editor for Glass Science, please We look forward to hearing from you.

Anna Lukacs, PhD

Journal Manager, Frontiers in Materials

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