Important notice: changes in Frontiers’ article processing fees

Effective immediately, article processing fees will change for some types of Frontiers articles. Existing submissions, waivers, and prepayment institutional agreements are not affected.

Frontiers announces the following changes in our article processing fees, which will take effect immediately.
The new fees are as follows:
Category A: long article types, including Original Research, Hypothesis and Theory,  Technology Report, Methods, Review, Clinical Case Study | 1900 US$ per accepted article
Category B: short article types, including Mini Review, Perspective, CPC, Evaluation, Case Report | 875 US$ per accepted article
Category C: Opinion | 250 US$ per accepted article
Category D: General Commentary, Book Review, Editorial, Editorial Commentary, Specialty Grand Challenge, Field Grand Challenge, Focused Review (invited Tier 2 article), Frontiers Commentary (invited Tier 2 article) | free
All “Category A” articles submitted to a Research Topic receive a discount of  25% (final fee: 1425 US$).
Frontiers editors — i.e. Review Editors, (Guest) Associate Editors, (Assistant) Specialty Chief Editors, (Assistant) Field Chief Editors — receive a discount of 25% on article processing fees for all “Category A” articles on which they are a corresponding author (final fee: 1425 US$).
Discounts are non-cumulative.

The following will not be affected:

– Manuscripts already submitted, in review, or accepted for publication
– Manuscripts whose abstract is currently under consideration or has already been accepted for a Research Topic
– Published articles
– Existing prepayment institutional agreements with Frontiers
Read more about article processing fees:

Corresponding authors without the means to pay can apply for full or partial waivers. Read more:

Any questions? Please contact us at:

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