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Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution Recruiting Female Editors

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution is actively recruiting female ecologists to fill roles on our world-class editorial boards. Interested? E-mail us at

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution is looking for female ecologists to join our editorial boards as Review Editors and Associate Editors!

Review Editors are expected to review submitted manuscripts that fall within their areas of expertise. Review Editors focus on certifying the accuracy and validity of manuscripts and engage in a constructive discussion with the authors. Review editors should hold a PhD in a relevent discipline and have experience reviewing manuscripts. All applications will be assessed by Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution Chief or Associate Editors.

Associate Editors are expected to oversee the review process of submitted manuscripts. Additionally, they are asked to build their own editorial board of Review Editors, submit an inaugural article and oversee the peer-review process according to the Frontiers review guidelines, ensuring that the most appropriate reviewers are assigned to manuscripts and that reviewers conduct reviews as per the guidelines. Associate Editors should be established experts in their field and have previous editorial experience. All applications will be assessed by Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution Chief Editors.

All Frontiers Review and Associate Editors receive a 25% discount on the submission of Category A article types including but not limited to Original Research, Reviews, Methods and Hypothesis and Theory.


To apply, send us an e-mail to with a copy of your CV and the specialty section that best fits your exptertise. For a complete list of the current online specialty sections, click here.


Don’t see a section that fits your expertise? Coming soon:

Urban Ecology

Social Evolution

Biogeography and Macroecology

Interested in being a Specialty Chief Editor? We are looking for senior scientists with extensive editorial experience to work with us on launching sections in the following areas:

Community Ecology


Disturbance and Restoration

Ecosystems Ecology

Theoretical Ecology

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