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Staff Pick: Scientists’ perspectives on global ocean research priorities

nina rothe

This is Nina Rothe, Journal Manager at Frontiers. Nina’s from Berlin and has a PhD in marine biology from the University of Southampton. We’ve invited her to highlight her personal favorite paper from Frontiers.

Read the paper (OA):
Rudd MA (2014) Scientists’ perspectives on global ocean research priorities Frontiers in Marine Science 1:36

Nina writes:
“In this paper, Dr Murray Rudd, from the University of York Environment Department, presents a survey that asked 2,197 scientists from 94 countries, who ranged in background from marine geologists to anthropologists, to state what research was needed most urgently to help sustain global ocean health.

Among the most pressing issues, declines in ocean productivity, increases in ocean acidification, and the cumulative effects of multiple stressors on ocean health ranked in the top five ocean research priorities by oceanographers and marine ecologists from around the globe. Social scientists thought that better communication between scientists, policy-makers and the public was the most important research priority.”

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