Staff Pick: Understanding of the development of ring faults during collapse caldera formation

Gearóid Ó FaoleánGearóid Ó Faoleán is a Journal Manager at Frontiers. He is from the Republic of Ireland and has a PhD in contemporary history. We invited him to highlight his personal favorite Frontiers paper and his pick is:Geyer A and Martí J (2014) A short review of our current understanding of the development of ring faults during collapse caldera formation. Frontiers in Earth Science 2:22

Read the paper (OA): asked why he picked this paper, Gearóid writes:
“The paper gives an excellent oversight on the continuing debate over the configuration of caldera collapse. This is a key area of volcanic study where certainties are still lacking. In the paper, the various assertions on collapse caldera formation, as well as their potential shortcomings, are discussed. The authors also suggest that the future improvement of individual methodologies can only improve our understanding.As a review of the issue, it is comprehensive and also very engaging.”

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