Structural Materials open for submissions

OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS: Our new section Structural Materials is led by Specialty Chief Editor Prof. John L Provis from The University of Sheffield and is now open for submissions.

Structural Material

Structural Materials is a new specialty section available through the community-run open-access journals Frontiers in Materials and Frontiers in Built Environment.

The new section Structural Materials is led by Specialty Chief Editor Prof John L Provis, University of Sheffield, UK.

The mission of Structural Materials is to provide a forum for dissemination and active discussion of the most important advances in the fundamental and applied science of the key materials which comprise the built environment, and the societal and industrial infrastructure of the modern world. Included in this definition is the description of new techniques in materials science, engineering and manufacturing technology which can lead to the availability of innovative and sustainable new materials, structures and systems.
We publish novel theoretical and experimental advances that aim to enhance the levels of scientific rigour and technological insight available to researchers and practitioners in the field of structural materials. The key criterion for acceptance is therefore the contribution of new, transferable scientific insight.

We aim to play a leading role in generating a fundamental shift in thinking in this field, enabling materials selection and specification to be based on a firm scientific foundation through the availability of cutting-edge research outcomes with direct links to application and societal impact. In order to achieve this, we promote research directed at understanding of structural characteristics of materials from the atomistic up to the macroscopic scale, and the essential roles played by these characteristics in defining performance, durability and sustainability.

Part of the “Frontiers in” journal series, Frontiers in Materials and Frontiers in Built Environment offers:

– Interactive and collaborative review to ensure quality, rigor, and fairness

– World-class editorial boards for all specialty sections

– Open Access for maximum visibility and discoverability

– Advanced article-level analytics and demographics to track reach and impact, including social media buzz

– Fast publication, with an average of 84 days from submission to publication

– Editors and reviewers disclosed on all published articles for maximum transparency

– Commenting systems enabled on all articles to boost post-publication feedback

The editorial board of the specialty Structural Materials is composed of the following Associate Editors:

Dr Carlos Chastre, Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal
Prof Huisu Chen, Southeast University, China
Prof Gianmarco De Felice, Roma Tre University, Italy
Dr Wenhui Duan, Monash University, Australia
Dr Andrew Heath, University of Bath, United Kingdom
Pro. Maria Juenger, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Dr Claire White, Princeton University, USA
Dr Yu-Fei Wu, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Prof Bradley Wynne, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Dr Bin Xu, Purdue University, US

The “Frontiers in” journal series, supported by over 160,000 leading researchers worldwide, has already published 25,000 peer-reviewed articles across 50 journals, which receive 6 million views per month.

If you are interested in becoming a Review Editor for Structural Materials, please contact: We look forward to hearing from you.

Anna Lukacs, PhD

Journal Manager, Frontiers in Materials

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