Open Science and scholarly publishing roundup – May 08, 2015

Selected news, views and information on Open Science and scholarly publishing from the past week

Chronicle of Higher Education | How to remove bias from peer review

Macmillan Science & Education | Springer Nature created following merger completion

PLOS Blogs | PLOS ONE update on peer review process

University of Hawai’i News | Graduate students adopt Open Access policy for scholarship

Bio IT World | Phil Bourne: Open Data evangelist on NIH data plan

PR Newswire | New virtual campus to train tomorrow’s academic leaders

Research Information | Open Access transition easier through OLH/Jisc agreement

Science Codex | New gold standard for Open Access reproducible research

Macleans | Does peer review do more harm than good?

Royal Society Blogs | Scientist ≈ Layperson

Tech Crunch | The business economics and opportunity of open-source data science

Business Wire | Copyright Clearance Center featured in Outsell’s 2015 Open Access market report

City Lab | The sound of Open Data

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