Frontiers launches Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics


Frontiers is proud to announce the launch of our newest Open Access journal, Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, which is now open for submissions. Submissions are peer-reviewed on Frontiers’ Interactive Forum through a collaborative, fast, transparent and objective review process. Articles are published as Open Access under the Creative Commons CC-BY license.

Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics also boasts advanced article-level impact analytics and post-publication commenting on all articles. Frontiers’ unique Tiering System showcases the studies with the greatest impact to a wider audience.

Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics has launched with the following Specialty Sections:
Mathematical Finance (headed by Prof. Svetlozar Rachev)
Mathematics of Biomolecules (headed by Prof. Partice Koehl)
Fixed Point Theory (headed by Prof. Hong-Kun Xu )
Optimization (headed by Prof. Giuseppe Nicosia )
Mathematical Physics (headed by Prof. Emilio Elizalde )

With articles published on:

“Generic convergence of infinite products of nonexpansive mappings with unbounded domains“
 “On Macrohedging Problem in Semimartingale Markets”  
 “CVaR Hedging under Stochastic Interest Rate” 
 “Multivariate Tempered Stable Model with Long-range Dependence and Time-varying Volatility“

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