Staff Picks for #MHBlogDay


Our Frontiers Editorial Office brought to our attention a couple of papers that are getting a lot of attention lately so we decided to write a short blog in honor of Mental Health Blog Day (#MHBlogDay) .

The first is a paper on the association between depressive symptoms and physical diseases in Switzerland (read full paper).  The objective of the paper is to estimate the association between the symptoms and physical diseases to estimate mental and physical health care costs in the future.

The second paper that is growing in interest is The Grand Challenge by the SCE. The grand challenge paper is interesting because it’s the SCE’s reflection on the 2013 release of DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual which lists mental disorders). The paper looks at the impact psychiatric diagnoses have on the lives of the people and on the health care systems that support them. It also looks at how moving from the current categorical approach to diagnoses to a continuum approach could help solve some of the current problems.

Have a great #MHBlogDay!

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