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Open Science and scholarly publishing roundup – May 29, 2015

Selected news, views and information on Open Science and scholarly publishing from the past week
Discover Magazine Blog
What to do about a slow peer reviewer?
The Guardian
How has publishing changed in the last 50 years, and what has this meant to scientists?
The Guardian
How can we stop big science hoovering up all the research funding?
Science 2.0
Editorial independence or extortion? Frontiers sacks 31 editors
The Independent
Long author-lists on research papers are threatening the academic work system
Research Information
Open-access books slowly on the rise, says PCG
Incentives for open science: New prizes to encourage research integrity and transparency in social science
Support Open Access publishing with the click of a button
Once more, fraud in Science: the retracted study on attitudes toward gay marriage
The Conversation
The ‘train wreck’ continues: another social science retraction
ABC News
Elsevier clashes with researchers over open access publishing for academic texts
The Australian
Open access lobby attacks Elsevier
Times Higher Education
The peer review drugs don’t work
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