Most viewed Immunology articles in May 2015

Catch up with the most viewed articles from Frontiers in Immunology this May. All are Open Access – enjoy!

Emerging roles of exosomes in normal and pathological conditions: new insights for diagnosis and therapeutic applications
Julieta De Toro,  Leticia Herschlik,  Claudia Waldner and Claudia Mongini*

Anatomy of a discovery: M1 and M2 macrophages
Charles Dudley Mills*

Regulatory T-cells at the interface between human host and pathogens in infectious diseases and vaccination
Mardi C. Boer,  Simone A. Joosten and Tom H. M. Ottenhoff*

Shigella manipulates host immune responses by delivering effector proteins with specific roles
Iroshi Ashida*, Hitomi Mimuro and Chihiro Sasakawa

Of monkeys and men: immunomic profiling of sera from humans and non-human primates resistant to schistosomiasis reveals novel potential vaccine candidates
Mark Pearson, Luke Becker, Patrick Driguez, Neil David Young, Soraya Gaze, Tiago Mendes, Xiao-Hong Li, Denise Doolan, Nicholas Midzi, Takafira Mduluza, Donald McManus, Alan Wilson, Jeffrey Bethony, Norman Nausch, Francisca Mutapi, Philip Felgner, and Alex Loukas*

Surface plasmon resonance analysis shows an IgG-isotype-specific defect in ABO blood group antibody formation in patients with common variable immunodeficiency
Michael Bernhard Fischer, Wendelin Wolfram, Christoph J. Binder, Georg A. Böhmig, Markus Wahrmann, Martha M. Eibl, and Hermann Maximilian Wolf*

Successive oral immunizations against Piscirickettsia salmonis and infectious salmon anemia virus are required to maintain a long-term protection in farmed salmonids
Ivan Tobar, Sergio Arancibia, Constanza Torres, Veronica Vera, Paola Soto, Claudia Carrasco, Marcelo Alvarado, Eduardo Neira, Sandra Arcos, and Jaime A Tobar*

A systematic approach to identify markers of distinctly activated human macrophages
Bayan Sudan, Mark A. Wacker, Mary E. Wilson, and Joel W. Graff*

Usefulness of the nonself-self algorithm of HLA epitope immunogenicity in the specificity analysis of monospecific antibodies induced during pregnancy
Rene J Duquesnoy*, Marilyn Marrari, and Arend Mulder

Accelerated apoptosis of neutrophils in familial Mediterranean fever
Gayane Manukyan*, Rustam Aminov, Gagik Hakobyan, and Tigran Davtyan

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