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Most viewed Oncology articles in May 2015

SBRT: an opportunity to improve quality of life for oligometastatic prostate cancer
Gregory Azzam*, Rachelle Lanciano*, Steve Arrigo, John Lamond, Billy Ding, Jun Yang, Alexandra Hanlon, Michael Good, and Luther Brady

Downregulation of MYCN through PI3K inhibition in mouse models of pediatric neural cancer
Tene Aneka Cage, Yvan Chanthery, Louis Chesler, Matthew Grimmer, Zachary Knight, Kevan Shokat, William A Weiss, and W. Clay Gustafson*

Predictors for long-term survival free from whole brain radiation therapy in patients treated with radiosurgery for limited brain metastases
Daniel Gorovets*, Paul Rava, Daniel K Ebner, David J Tybor, Deus Cielo, Yakub Puthawala, Timothy J Kinsella, Thomas A DiPetrillo, David E Wazer, and Jaroslaw T Hepel

Trends and characteristics of young non-small cell lung cancer patients in the United States
Anish Thomas, Yuanbin Chen, Tinghui Yu, Marko Jakopovic, and Giuseppe Giaccone*

Cancer-associated fibroblasts from lung tumors maintain their immunosuppressive abilities after high-dose irradiation
Laia Gorchs, Turid Hellevik, Jack-Ansgar Bruun, Ketil-Andre Camilio, Samer Al-Saad, Tor-Brynjar Stuge, and Inigo Martinez-Zubiaurre*

Phosphoproteomic analysis of cell-based resistance to BRAF inhibitor therapy in melanoma
Robert Parker, Laura Vella, Dylan Xavier, Ardeshir Amirkhani, Jimmy Parker, Jonathan Cebon, and Mark Molloy*

Salvage stereotactic body radiotherapy for locally recurrent non-small cell lung cancer after sublobar resection and I125 vicryl mesh brachytherapy
Beant Singh Gill, David Anthony Clump, Steven A Burton, Neil A Christie, Matthew J Schuchert, and Dwight E Heron*

Pazopanib-induced alopecia, an underestimated toxicity?
Andrea Biondo, Helen Alexander, Komel Khabra, Lisa Pickering, Martin Gore, and James Larkin*

Spot weight adaptation for moving target in spot scanning proton therapy
Paul Morel, Xiaodong Wu, Guillaume Blin, Stéphane Vialette, Ryan Flynn, Daniel Hyer, and Dongxu Wang*

Salvage fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy and immunotherapy for recurrent glioblastoma multiforme: a single institution experience
Shaakir Hasan*, Eda Chen, Rachelle Lanciano, Jun Yang, Alex Hanlon, John Lamond, Stephen Arrigo, William Ding, Michael Mikhail, Arezoo Ghaneie, and Luther Brady

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