Most viewed Plant Science articles in May 2015

Catch up with the most viewed articles from Frontiers in Plant Science this May. All are Open Access – enjoy!

Epigenetic landscape of germ line specific genes in the sporophyte cells of Arabidopsis thaliana
Chol-Hee Jung, Martin O’Brien, Mohan B Singh, and Prem Bhalla*

Unraveling the hydrodynamics of split root water uptake experiments using CT scanned root architectures and three dimensional flow simulations
Nicolai Koebernick, Katrin Huber*, Elien Kerkhofs, Jan Vanderborght, Mathieu Javaux, Harry Vereecken, and Doris Vetterlein

Allyl isothiocyanate affects the cell cycle of Arabidopsis thaliana
Signe Elisabeth Åsberg, Atle Magnar Bones*, and Anders Øverby*

Identifying the ionically bound cell wall and intracellular glycoside hydrolases in late growth stage Arabidopsis stems: implications for the genetic engineering of bioenergy crops
Hui Wei, Roman Brunecky, Bryon S. Donohoe, Shi-You Ding, Peter N. Ciesielski, Shihui Yang, Melvin P. Tucker, and Michael E. Himmel*

Growth and lipid accumulation of microalgae from fluctuating brackish and sea water locations in South East Queensland – Australia
Van Thang Duong, Skye R Thomas-Hall, and Peer Schenk*

Metabolic responses of willow (Salix purpurea L.) leaves to mycorrhization as revealed by mass spectrometry and 1H NMR spectroscopy metabolite profiling
Konstantinos A Aliferis, Rony Chamoun, and Suha Jabaji*

Transport, ultrastructural localization and distribution of chemical forms of lead in radish (Raphanus sativus L.)
Yan Wang, Hong Shen, Liang Xu, Xianwen Zhu, Chao Li, Wei Zhang, Yang Xie, Yiqin Gong, and Liwang Liu*

Water consumption and biomass production of protoplast fusion lines of poplar hybrids under drought stress
Anne Hennig*, Jörg R.G. Kleinschmit, Sebastian Schoneberg, Sonja Löffler, Alwin Janßen, and Andrea Polle

Dimerization and thiol sensitivity of the salicylic acid binding thimet oligopeptidases TOP1 and TOP2 define their functions in redox-sensitive cellular pathways
Timothy J. Westlake, William A. Ricci, George V. Popescu*, and Sorina C. Popescu*

Variable content and distribution of arabinogalactan proteins in banana (Musa spp.) under low temperature stress
Yonglian Yan, Tomáš Takáč, Xiaoquan Li, Houbin Chen, Yingying Wang, Enfeng Xu, Ling Xie, Zhaohua Su, Jozef Šamaj, and Chunxiang Xu*

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