Most viewed Psychology articles in May 2015

Catch up with the most viewed articles from Frontiers in Psychology this May. All are Open Access – enjoy!

Stress reactivity to an electronic version of the Trier Social Stress Test: a pilot study
Sage E. Hawn*, Lisa Paul, Suzanne Thomas, Stephanie Miller, and Ananda B. Amstadter

Working memory capacity and redundant information processing efficiency
Michael John Endres*, Joseph W. Houpt, Chris Donkin, and Peter Finn

First-generation students’ underperformance at university: the impact of the function of selection
Mickaël Jury, Annique Smeding, and Céline Darnon*

Cognitive spare capacity: evaluation data and its association with comprehension of dynamic conversations
Gitte Keidser*, Virginia Best, Katrina Freeston, and Alexandra Boyce

Examining the online reading behavior and performance of fifth-graders: evidence from eye-movement data
Yao-Ting Sung, Ming-Da Wu*, Chun-Kuang Chen, and Kuo-En Chang

Impact of stimulus uncanniness on speeded response
Kohske Takahashi*, Haruaki Fukuda, Kazuyuki Samejima, Katsumi Watanabe, and Kazuhiro Ueda

Polarity correspondence effect between loudness and lateralized response set
Seah Chang, and Yang Seok Cho*

Syllogisms delivered in an angry voice lead to improved performance and engagement of a different neural system compared to neutral voice
Kathleen Walton Smith, Laura-Lee Balkwill, Oshin Vartanian, and Vinod Goel*

Assessment of a model for achieving competency in administration and scoring of the WAIS-IV in postgraduate psychology students
Rachel Margaret Roberts*, and Melissa Davis

Somatic, but not cognitive-affective, symptoms are associated with reduced heart rate variability in individuals with dysphoria
Simone Messerotti Benvenuti*, Giulia Buodo, Rocco Mennella, and Daniela Palomba

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