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Open Science and scholarly publishing roundup – June 05, 2015

Animation Magazine
Digital Human League publishes 1st set of open data
BioMed Central blog
Axios Review – a different route to peer review
Research Information
Thieme to launch ‘pay what you want’ open-access journal
Pacific Standard
How to change the centuries-old model of academic publishing
New York Times
Academics seek a big splash
Nature News
Retracted gay-marriage study debated at misconduct meet-up
Science Magazine
Science retracts gay marriage paper without agreement of lead author LaCour
Science Magazine
Gay marriage study author LaCour issues defense, but critics aren’t budging
Discover Blog
The problem with Michael Lacour’s rebuttal
New York Magazine
Michael LaCour probably fabricated a document about research integrity
New York Times
Study using gay canvassers erred in methods, not results, author says
Huffington Post
Women scientists’ academic-hiring advantage is unwelcome news for some, part 4
How journals shape science and academia
Financial Times
UK open data revolution boosts business
Extending Open Data beyond governments
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