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Last updated on 01/10/2018

Being a researcher isn’t just about the research itself. It’s about helping your peers make their work the best it can be, about sharing ideas, sharing knowledge and reading what others before you have written. In the same way, a scientific journal isn’t just about the papers it publishes; it is about creating a community of experts by bringing together researchers and scholars to advance research in a field.

Join the Frontiers in Digital Humanities community of Editors today by applying to join the Board as an Associate or Review Editor. Applications will be reviewed by the Chief and Associate Editors of each section.


  • Select the specialty section you would like to apply for.

The following sections are currently looking for Editors:

  • Select the role you would like to apply for

Review Editor: The primary role of Review Editors is to provide an expert review of submitted manuscripts in a collaborative, transparent manner, thereby safeguarding the review process and controlling the quality of articles published in the journal. Review Editors will be listed on the editorial board and should have experience reviewing manuscripts.

Associate Editor: The Associate Editors are essential in setting the standard for a section. Their main responsibilities will consist of appointing 10-15 Review Editors, suggesting and co-hosting article collections called Research Topics, and overseeing the review process of manuscripts submitted to the section. Associate Editors should be established experts in their field and have previous editorial experience.

Can’t find your expertise above?

We are still working on the launch of the following sections and welcome Chief Editor applications from experts in the field:

  • Data Visualization and Digital Museography
  • Digital Media Studies
  • Digital Sociology
  • Quantitative Literary Studies
  • Semantic Digital Libraries

Submit your application by clicking here or by sending us a copy of your CV at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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