Most viewed Genetics articles in June 2015

Catch up with the most viewed articles from Frontiers in Genetics this June. All are Open Access – enjoy!

Revisiting demographic processes in cattle with genome-wide population genetic analysis
Pablo Orozco-terWengel*, Mario Barbato, Ezequiel Nicolazzi, Filippo Biscarini, Marco Milanesi, Wyn Davies, Don Williams, Alessandra Stella, Paolo Ajmone-Marsan and Michael W. Bruford

A predicted protein interactome identifies conserved global networks and disease resistance subnetworks in maize
Matt Geisler*, Bryan Musungu, Deepak Bhatnagar, Robert L. Brown and Ahmad M. Fakhoury

Admixture mapping of tuberculosis and pigmentation-related traits in an African-European hybrid cattle population
Yonas Kassahun, Valeria Mattiangeli, Gobena Ameni, Elena Hailu, Abraham Aseffa, Douglas B. Young, R. Glyn Hewinson, H. Martin Vordermeier and Daniel G. Bradley*

Potential for bias and low precision in molecular divergence time estimation of the Canopy of Life: an example from aquatic bird families
Marcel Van Tuinen* and Christopher R. Torres

DNA/RNA transverse current sequencing: intrinsic structural noise from neighboring bases
Jose R. Alvarez, Dmitry Skachkov, Steven E. Massey, Alan Kalitsov and Julian P. Velev*

Analysis of the type II-A CRISPR-Cas system of Streptococcus agalactiae reveals distinctive features according to genetic lineages
Clément Lier, Elodie Baticle, Philippe Horvath, Eve Haguenoer, Anne-Sophie Valentin, Philippe Glaser, Laurent Mereghetti and Philippe Lanotte*

Caenorhabditis elegans expressing the Saccharomyces cerevisiae NADH alternative dehydrogenase Ndi1p, as a tool to identify new genes involved in complex I related diseases
Raynald Cossard, Michela Esposito, Carole H. Sellem, Laras Pitayu, Christelle Vasnier, Agnès Delahodde and Emmanuel P. Dassa*

Using parental phenotypes in case-parent studies
Min Shi*, David M. Umbach and Clarice R. Weinberg

The 5’-tail of antisense RNAII of pMV158 plays a critical role in binding to the target mRNA and in translation inhibition of repB
Celeste López-Aguilar, Cristina Romero-López, Manuel Espinosa, Alfredo Berzal-Herranz and Gloria del Solar*

DNA methylation and single nucleotide variants in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and oxytocin receptor (OXTR) genes are associated with anxiety/depression in older women
Yvon Chagnon*, Olivier Potvin, Carol Hudon and Michel Preville

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