Most viewed Neuroscience articles in June 2015

The most viewed articles from the “Frontiers in” Neuroscience journals from June 2015. All articles are Open Access – enjoy!

Investigating irregularly patterned deep brain stimulation signal design using biophysical models
Samantha R. Summerson*, Behnaam Aazhang and Caleb Kemere

Heterogeneity in perceptual category learning by high functioning children with autism spectrum disorder
Eduardo Mercado III*, Barbara A. Church, Mariana V. C. Coutinho, Alexander Dovgopoly, Christopher J.  Lopata, Jennifer A. Toomey and Marcus L. Thomeer

Effect of dentate gyrus disruption on remembering what happened where
Woon Ryoung Kim, Jong Won Lee, Woong Sun, Sung-Hyun Lee, June-Seek Choi and Min Whan Jung*

Blocking of orexin receptors in the paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus has no effect on conditioned fear
Xinwen Dong, Yonghui Li* and Gilbert J. Kirouac*

7-Tesla MRI demonstrates absence of structural lesions in patients with vestibular paroxysmia
Paulus S. Rommer, Gerald Wiest*, Claudia Kronnerwetter, Heidemarie Zach, Benjamin Loader, Kirsten Elwischger and Siegfried Trattnig

Task-concurrent anodal tDCS modulates bilateral plasticity in the human suprahyoid motor cortex
Shaofeng Zhao, Zulin Dou*, Xiaomei Wei, Jin Li, Meng Dai, Yujue Wang, Qinglu Yang and Huai He

Rapid prefrontal cortex activation towards aversively paired faces and enhanced contingency detection are observed in highly trait-anxious women under challenging conditions
Maimu Alissa Rehbein*, Ida Wessing, Pienie Zwitserlood, Christian Steinberg, Annuschka Salima Eden, Christian Dobel and Markus Junghoefer

Decoding covert shifts of attention induced by ambiguous visuospatial cues
Romain E. Trachel*, Maureen Clerc and Thomas G. Brochier

Individual differences in oscillatory brain activity in response to varying attentional demands during a word recall and oculomotor dual task
Gusang Kwon, Sanghyun Lim, Min-Young Kim, Hyukchan Kwon, Yong-Ho Lee, Kiwoong Kim, Eun-Ju Lee and Minah Suh*

Septo-temporal distribution and lineage progression of hippocampal neurogenesis in a primate (Callithrix jacchus) in comparison to mice
Irmgard Amrein*, Michael Nosswitz, Lutz Slomianka, R. Maarten van Dijk, Stefanie Engler, Fabienne Klaus, Olivier Raineteau and Kasum Azim

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