Most viewed Plant Science articles in June 2015

Prioritization of copper for the use in photosynthetic electron transport in developing leaves of hybrid poplar
Muhammad Shahbaz, Karl Ravet, Graham Peers, and Marinus Pilon*

A cupin domain-containing protein with a quercetinase activity (VdQase) regulates Verticillium dahliae’s pathogenicity and contributes to counteracting host defenses
Abdel ElHadrami, Md. Rashidul Islam, Lorne Adam, and Fouad Daayf*

Terahertz time domain spectroscopy allows contactless monitoring of grapevine water status
Luis Gonzaga Santesteban*, Inés Palacios, Carlos Miranda, Juan Carlos Iriarte, José Bernardo Royo, and Ramón Gonzalo

The modulation of leaf metabolism plays a role in salt tolerance of Cymodocea nodosa exposed to hypersaline stress in mesocosms
Amalia Piro, Lázaro Marín-Guirao, Ilia Anna Serra, Antonia Spadafora, José Miguel Sandoval-Gil, Jaime Bernardeau-Esteller, Juan Manuel Ruiz Fernandez, and Silvia Mazzuca*

Tomato SlRbohB, a member of the NADPH oxidase family, is required for disease resistance against Botrytis cinerea and tolerance to drought stress
Xiaohui Li, Huijuan Zhang, Limei Tian, Lei Huang, Shixia Liu, Dayong Li*, and Fengming Song

Stress memory induced rearrangements of HSP transcription, photosystem II photochemistry and metabolism of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) in response to high-temperature stress
Tao Hu*, Shu-qian Liu, Erick Amombo, and Jin-min Fu

Early Lotus japonicus root transcriptomic responses to symbiotic and pathogenic fungal exudates
Marco Giovannetti, Alfredo Mari, Mara Novero, and Paola Bonfante*

Construction of chromosome segment substitution lines enables QTL mapping for flowering and morphological traits in Brassica rapa
Xiaonan Li, Wenke Wang, Zhe Wang, Kangning Li, Yong Pyo Lim, and Zhongyun Piao*

Dynamic transcriptional profiling provides insights into tuberous root development in Rehmannia glutinosa
Peng Sun, Xingguo Xiao*, Liusheng Duan, Yuhai Guo, Jianjun Qi, Dengqun Liao, Chunli Zhao, Yan Liu, Lili Zhou, and Xianen Li*

An Arabidopsis neutral ceramidase mutant ncer1 accumulates hydroxyceramides and is sensitive to oxidative stress
Jian Li, Fang-Cheng Bi, Jian Yin, Jian-Xin Wu, Chan Rong, Jia-Li Wu, and Nan Yao*

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