Most viewed Psychology articles in June 2015

Catch up with the most viewed articles from Frontiers in Psychology this June. All are Open Access – enjoy!

Chinese and Australians showed difference in mental time travel in emotion and content but not specificity
Xing-jie Chen, Lu-lu Liu, Ji-fang Cui, Ya Wang*, David Shum, and Raymond CK Chan

False belief understanding and “cool” inhibitory control in 3-and 4-year-old Italian children
Francesca Bellagamba*, Elsa Addessi, Valentina Focaroli, Giulia Pecora, Valentina Maggiorelli, Beatrice Pace, and Fabio Paglieri

Development and psychometric analysis of the student–teacher relationship scale – short form
Michele Settanni, Claudio Longobardi*, Erica Sclavo, Michela Fraire, and Laura Elvira Prino

Persistence of the Uncanny Valley: the influence of repeated interactions and a robot’s attitude on its perception
Jakub Aleksander Zlotowski*, Hidenobu Sumioka, Shuichi Nishio, Dylan F. Glas, Christoph Bartneck, and Hiroshi Ishiguro

What makes a thriver? Unifying the concepts of post-traumatic and post-ecstatic growth
Judith Mangelsdorf*, and Michael Eid

Relational perceptions in high school physical education: teacher- and peer-related predictors of female students’ motivation, behavioral engagement, and social anxiety
Felicity Gairns, Peter Whipp*, and Ben Jackson

Neural correlates of visualizations of concrete and abstract words in preschool children: a developmental embodied approach
Amedeo D’angiulli*, Gordon Griffiths, and Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos

Perceiving where another person is looking: the integration of head and body information in estimating another person’s gaze
Pieter Moors*, Filip Germeys, Iwona Pomianowska, and Karl Verfaillie

Eighteen-month-olds’ memory interference and distraction in a modified A-not-B task is not associated with their anticipatory looking in a false-belief task
Norbert Zmyj*, Wolfgang Prinz*, and Moritz M. Daum

The relationship between level of autistic traits and local bias in the context of the McGurk effect
Yuta Ujiie*, Tomohisa Asai, and Akio Wakabayashi

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