Open Science and scholarly publishing roundup – July 03, 2015

Selected news, views and information on Open Science and scholarly publishing from the past week

Times Higher Education
Remove barriers to open science, says head of EU policy unit

The Bookseller
ALPSP innovation awards shortlist

The future of the postdoc

Creative Commons
Colombian student Diego Gomez is going to trial for sharing a research article online

Electronic Frontier Foundation
As Diego stands trial, show your support for Open Access

The Guardian
Scientist behind fake HIV breakthrough sentenced to prison after spiking results

Trust me, I’m a doctor: could more open science change how much we trust scientists?

Inside Big Data
Big Data and Open Science Data

MIT Technology Review
Why Wikipedia + Open Access = Revolution

The Platform
Spark creator on scaling success, opening access

ABC Science Online
Open science: the future of research?

Library Journal
Does the copyright office belong in a library? | peer to peer review

Research Information
Russia’s ‘untapped potential’ for publishers carries risks

Five for-profit companies control more than 50% of academic publishing

NRC Handelsblad [in Dutch]
Universiteiten zetten eerste stap boycot wetenschappelijk uitgever Elsevier

Cenveo publisher services announces scholarly publishing lunch & learn series

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