Open Science and scholarly publishing roundup – July 24, 2015


Ars Technica
EU blocks global copyright reform that would allow wider access to knowledge

Why we are teaching science wrong, and how to make it right

Björn Brembs Blog
Evidence-resistant science leaders?

BioMed Central Blog
A new open access policy in international development

What is Open Science?

European Commission
Open science should help us to question innovation – Professor Alan Irwin

European Commission
OpenAIRE is growing and now gathers over 11.5 million documents in Open Access

BioMed Central
A new open access policy in international development

New York Times
Whiplash warning when climate science is publicized before peer review and publication

Times Higher Education
Speeding up scholarly communication for rapid sharing

Online Library
Open access laid down in Dutch copyright act

University of Oxford
Ben Goldacre on Open Data

Here’s a colossally bad idea from congress about how to fund science

The Independent
Open data: what is it and why are people so scared of it?

Irish Times
Mission possible: making science more accessible to all

Southern Fried Science
Is peer-review best left to academic journals?

The VAR Guy
Where are the women and minority open source programmers?

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