Open Science and scholarly publishing roundup – July 31, 2015

Selected news, views and information on Open Science and scholarly publishing from the past week


Max Planck Digital Library
Open Science Days
Copyright Clearance Center
Open Access, which direction? [1-h-long webinar with Deni Auclair, Mark Ware, Bill O’Brien]
The Guardian
The great beyond: will the UK science budget be cut by 40%?
Open Source
9 stories of science evolving with open source
Japan’s universities open up to the world
The Bookseller
Informa pays £20m for Ashgate Publishing
Select Science
Revolutionary open-access laboratory facilitating innovative research
FWF/Austrian Science Fund
FWF unterstützt die Position der niederländischen Universitäten zu Open Access [in German]
Chronicle of Higher Education
Librarians leap to the aid of researchers whose funding will soon depend on Open Access [subscription required]
Digital Science
Predatory publishing isn’t the problem, it’s a symptom of information inequality
Scientist criticizes media portrayal of research
Mail & Guardian
Copyright issues dog academics
PASTEUR4OA announces regional policy workshops for research funders and research performing organizations
Data-Smart City Solutions
Plenario: changing how we use open data
Ars Technica
New study shows Spain’s “Google tax” has been a disaster for publishers
Intellectual Property Watch
Ukraine open access initiative roils local authors seeking copyright protection
Los Angeles Times
Federal humanities grants aim to put scholars on best seller lists
Sunlight Foundation
NASA’s EPIC photographs: Sunlight and open data on a global scale

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