Most viewed Physiology articles in July 2015

Serum PINP, PIIINP, galectin-3, and ST2 as surrogates of myocardial fibrosis and echocardiographic left venticular diastolic filling properties
E. Samuli Lepojärvi*, Olli-Pekka Piira, Eija Pääkkö, Eveliina Lammentausta, Juha Risteli, Johanna A. Miettinen, Juha S. Perkiömäki, Heikki V. Huikuri, and M. Juhani Junttila

Nonlinear parameters of surface EMG in schizophrenia patients depend on kind of antipsychotic therapy
Alexander Yu. Meigal*, German G. Miroshnichenko, Anna P. Kuzmina, Saara M. Rissanen, Stefanos D. Georgiadis and Pasi A. Karjalainen

Chronographic imprint of age-induced alterations in heart rate dynamical organization
Danuta Makowiec*, Dorota Wejer, Agnieszka Kaczkowska, Marta Żarczyńska-Buchowiecka, and Zbigniew R. Struzik*

Zinc and copper levels are not correlated with angiographically-defined coronary artery disease in sudanese patients
Mohamed F. Lutfi, Ramaze F. Elhakeem, Raga S. Khogaly, Abdelkarim A. Abdrabo, Ahmed B. Ali, Gasim I. Gasim* and Ishag Adam

A novel, dynamic pattern-based analysis of NF-κB binding during the priming phase of liver regeneration reveals switch-like functional regulation of target genes
Daniel J. Cook, Biswanath Patra, Lakshmi Kuttippurathu, Jan B. Hoek, and Rajanikanth Vadigepalli*

Energetics of endurance exercise in young horses determined by nuclear magnetic resonance metabolomics
Margaux M. Luck, Laurence Le Moyec*, Eric Barrey, Mohamed N. Triba, Nadia Bouchemal, Philippe Savarin, and Céline Robert

Evidence for water deficit-induced mass increases of raffinose family oligosaccharides (RFOs) in the leaves of three Craterostigma resurrection plant species
Aurélie Egert, Barbara Eicher, Felix Keller, and Shaun Peters*

It takes two – coincidence coding within the dual olfactory pathway of the honeybee
Martin F. Brill*, Anneke Meyer, and Wolfgang Rössler

Transcriptome analysis and RNA interference of cockroach phototransduction indicate three opsins and suggest a major role for TRPL channels
Andrew S. French*, Shannon Meisner, Hongxia Liu, Matti Weckström, and Päivi H. Torkkeli*

Uninephrectomy in rats on a fixed food intake results in adipose tissue lipolysis implicating spleen cytokines
Denis Arsenijevic*, Jean-François Cajot, Abdul G. Dulloo, and Jean-Pierre Montani

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