Most viewed Plant Science articles in July 2015

Catch up with the most viewed articles from Frontiers in Plant Science this July. All are Open Access – enjoy!

Bimodal effect of hydrogen peroxide and oxidative events in nitrite-induced rapid root abscission by the water fern Azolla pinnata
Michael F Cohen*, Sushma Gurung, Giovanni Birarda, Hoi-Ying N. Holman, and Hideo Yamasaki

Functional traits variation explains the distribution of Aextoxicon punctatum (Aextoxicaceae) in pronounced moisture gradients within fog-dependent forest fragments
Beatriz Salgado-Negret*, Rafaella Canessa, Fernando Valladares, Juan J. Armesto, and Fernanda Pérez

Pollination triggers female gametophyte development in immature Nicotiana tabacum flowers
Michael S. Brito, Lígia T. Bertolino, Viviani Cossalter, Andréa C. Quiapim, Henrique C. DePaoli, Gustavo Henrique Goldman, Simone P. Teixeira, and Maria Helena S. Goldman*

Maize miRNA and target regulation in response to hormone depletion and light exposure during somatic embryogenesis
Elva Carolina Chávez-Hernández, Naholi David Alejandri-Ramírez, Vasti Thamara Juárez-González, and Tzvetanka D. Dinkova*

Evaluation of the surface free energy of plant surfaces: toward standardizing the procedure
Victoria Fernández*, and Mohamed Khayet*

Fructan synthesis, accumulation and polymer traits. I. Festulolium chromosome substitution lines
Joe A Gallagher*, Andrew J Cairns, David Thomas, Adam Charlton, Peter Williams, and Lesley B. Turner

Acetylation of cell wall is required for structural integrity of the leaf surface and exerts a global impact on plant stress responses
Majse Nafisi, Maria Stranne, Lorenzo Fimognari, Susanna Atwell, Helle Juel Martens, Pai Rosager Pedas, Sara Fasmer Hansen, Christiane Nawrath, Henrik Vibe Scheller, Daniel J. Kliebenstein, and Yumiko Sakuragi*

Identification of a core set of rhizobial infection genes using data from single cell-types
Da-Song Chen, Cheng-Wu Liu, Sonali Roy, Donna Cousins, Nicola Stacey, and Jeremy Dale Murray*

Changing environmental conditions and applying organic fertilizers in Origanum vulgare L.
Bernardo Murillo-Amador*, Luis Emiterio Morales-Prado, Enrique Troyo-Diéguez, Miguel Victor Córdoba-Matson, Luis Guillermo Hernández-Montiel, Edgar Omar Rueda-Puente, and Alejandra Nieto-Garibay

P5CDH affects the pathways contributing to Pro synthesis after ProDH activation by biotic and abiotic stress conditions
Yanina Soledad Rizzi, Mariela Inés Monteoliva, Georgina Fabro, Carola Lucrecia Grosso, Laura Elena Laróvere, and María Elena Alvarez*

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