Most viewed Neuroscience articles in July 2015

The most viewed articles from the “Frontiers in” Neuroscience series of journals from July 2015. All articles are Open Access – enjoy!

Hunting for origins of migraine pain: cluster analysis of spontaneous and capsaicin-induced firing in meningeal trigeminal nerve fibers
A. Zakharov, C. Vitale, E. Kilinc, K. Koroleva, D. Fayuk, I. Shelukhina, N. Naumenko, A. Skorinkin, R. Khazipov, and R. Giniatullin*

Electrical stimulation of the superior colliculus induces non- topographically organized perturbation of reaching movements in cats
Jean-Hubert Courjon, Alexandre Zénon, Gilles Clément, Christian Urquizar, Etienne Olivier, and Denis Pélisson*

Can tDCS enhance item-specific effects and generalizion after linguistically motivated aphasia therapy for verbs?
Vânia de Aguiar, Roelien Bastiaanse, Rita Capasso, Marialuisa Gandolfi, Nicola Smania, Giorgio Rossi, and Gabriele Miceli*

Sensorimotor organization of a sustained involuntary movement
Jack De Havas*, Arko Ghosh, Hiroaki Gomi, and Patrick Haggard

A voxelwise approach to determine consensus regions-of-interest for the study of brain network plasticity
Sarah M. Rajtmajer, Arnab Roy, Reka Albert, Peter C.M. Molenaar, and Frank G. Hillary*

Neuroligin 1 modulates striatal glutamatergic neurotransmission in a pathway and NMDAR subunit-specific manner
Felipe Espinosa, Zhong Xuan, Shunan Liu, and Craig M. Powell*

Diversity in olfactory bulb size in birds reflects allometry, ecology and phylogeny
Jeremy R. Corfield*, Kasandra Price, Andrew N. Iwaniuk, Cristian Gutiérrez-Ibáñez, Tim Birkhead, and Douglas R. Wylie

ANNarchy: a code generation approach to neural simulations on parallel hardware
Julien Vitay*, Helge Ülo Dinkelbach, and Fred H. Hamker

Systemic AArh10 provides higher transgene expression than AAV9 in the brain and the spinal cord of neonatal mice
Yannick Tanguy*, Maria G. Biferi, Aurore Besse, Stephanie Astord, Mathilde Cohen-Tannoudji, Thibaut Marais, and Martine Barkats*

Modeling the calcium spike as a threshold triggered fixed waveform for synchronous inputs in the fluctuation regime
Yansong Chua*, Abigail Morrison and Moritz Helias

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