Most viewed Immunology articles in August 2015

Immune tolerance maintained by cooperative interactions between T cells and antigen presenting cells shapes a diverse TCR repertoire
Katharine Best, Benny Chain* and Chris Watkins

A microbial feed additive abates intestinal inflammation in Atlantic salmon
Ghana Vasanth, Viswanath Kiron*, Amod Kulkarni, Dalia Dahle, Jep Lokesh and Yoichiro Kitani

Differential expression of microRNAs in thymic epithelial cells from Trypanosoma cruzi acutely-infected mice: putative role in thymic atrophy
Leandra Linhares-Lacerda*, Cintia Cristina Palu, Marcelo Ribeiro-Alves, Bruno Diaz Paredes, Alexandre Morrot, Maria Rosa Garcia-Silva, Alfonso Cayota and Wilson Savino

An in silico approach reveals associations between genetic and epigenetic factors within regulatory elements in B cells from primary Sjögren’s syndrome patients
Orsia D. Konsta, Christelle Le Dantec, Amandine Charras, Wesley H. Brooks, Marina I. Arleevskaya, Anne Bordron and Yves Renaudineau*

Dietary mannan oligosaccharides: counteracting the side effects of soybean oil inclusion on European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) gut health?
Silvia Torrecillas*, Daniel Montero, Maria José Caballero, Karin A. Pittman, , Marco Custodio, Aurora Campo, John Sweetman and Marisol Izquierdo

HIV-1 structural proteins serve as PAMPs for TLR2 heterodimers significantly increasing infection and innate immune activation
Bethany M. Henrick, Xiao-Dan Yao, Kenneth Lee Rosenthal* and the INFANT study team

Evidence for infection and inflammation in infant deaths in a country with historically low incidences of sudden infant death syndrome
Klára Törő*, Krisztina Vörös, Zsófia Mészner, Aletta Váradi-T, Adrienn Tóth and Katalin Kovács

Characterization of the antigen-specific CD4+ T cell response induced by prime-boost strategies with CAF01 and CpG adjuvants administered by the intranasal and subcutaneous routes
Annalisa Ciabattini*, Gennaro Prota, Dennis Christensen, Peter Andersen, Gianni Pozzi and Donata Medaglini

Prebiotic supplementation has only minimal effects on growth efficiency, intestinal health and disease resistance of Westslope cutthroat trout Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi fed 30% soybean meal
Wendy M. Sealey*, Zachariah B. Conley and Molly Bensley

Therapeutic immunoglobulin selected for high antibody titer to RSV also contains high antibody titers to other respiratory viruses
Jordan Orange*, Wei Du and Ann R. Falsey 

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