Most viewed Psychology articles in August 2015

Building metamemorial knowledge over time: insights from eye tracking about the bases of feeling-of-knowing and confidence judgments
Elizabeth F. Chua* and Lisa A. Solinger

Infant manual performance during reaching and grasping for objects moving in depth
Erik Domellöf*, Marianne Barbu-Roth, Louise Rönnqvist, Anne-Yvonne Jacquet and Jacqueline Fagard

Examining age-related shared variance between face cognition, vision, and self-reported physical health: a test of the common cause hypothesis for social cognition
Sally Olderbak*, Andrea Hildebrandt and Oliver Wilhelm

Grounding grammatical categories: attention bias in hand space influences grammatical congruency judgment of Chinese nominal classifiers
Marit Lobben* and Stefania D’Ascenzo

Auditory stream segregation using amplitude modulated bandpass noise
Yingjiu Nie* and Peggy B. Nelson

Developmental differences in relations between parent-reported executive function and unitized and non-unitized memory representations during childhood
Sarah L. Blankenship and Tracy Riggins*

Improving spatial-simultaneous working memory in Down syndrome: effect of a training program led by parents instead of an expert
Francesca Pulina, Barbara Carretti, Silvia Lanfranchi* and Irene C. Mammarella

Default mode network alterations during implicit emotional faces processing in first-episode, treatment-naive major depression patients
Huqing Shi, Xiang Wang, Jinyao Yi, Xiongzhao Zhu, Xiaocui Zhang, Juan Yang and Shuqiao Yao*

Associations between musical abilities and precursors of reading in preschool aged children
Franziska Degé*, Claudia Kubicek and Gudrun Schwarzer

Feel like you belong: on the bidirectional link between emotional fit and group identification in task groups
Ellen Delvaux*, Loes Meeussen and Batja Mesquita*

The influence of label co-occurrence and semantic similarity on children’s inductive generalization
Bryan J. Matlen*, Anna V. Fisher and Karrie E. Godwin

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