Open Science and scholarly publishing roundup – September 04, 2015

Selected news, views and information on Open Science and scholarly publishing from the past week

US agencies plan research-ethics overhaul

Times Higher Education
Medical research shifts from universities to hospitals

Sydney Morning Herald
Push for more science, technology graduates based on a ‘wing and a prayer’: report

Feature: Iranian scientists rely on ingenuity and smuggling to survive sanctions

Yahoo! News
‘New era’ in Iran science with end of sanctions: report

Lack of science and maths skills ‘can hamper adults’

The Australian [subscription required]
Peer review scams conning local journals

A new journal wants to publish your research ideas

Research Ideas & Outcomes: new open-access journal to publish entire research cycles

The Conversation
How do academic prodigies spend their time and why does that matter?

Ranking African universities is a futile endeavour

PR Newswire
Elsevier’s reviewer recognition platform expands its functionality

Autism Speaks launches MSSNG portal for open-access genomics research

The Guardian
Can open data prevent a global food shortage?

Feds advance open data roadmap despite challenges

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