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Loop launches enhanced Author Impact Metrics

Loop, the Frontiers research network, has revamped and launched new “Author Impact Metrics”, which provide researchers with aggregated impact metrics across all of their publications, at a unified author level.

The new enhancement to the impact pages is an inclusive approach that aggregates content from a number of external sources including Scopus, CrossRef, PubMed and PlosOne; and together with data from Frontiers and Loop, provide researchers a far more accurate measurement of their academic impact at an international scale.

“Access to impact data from a single platform in an isolated space provides an unbalanced view. We strive to find new ways to break down the barriers between researchers, publishers and academic repositories and our ‘inclusive’ approach to all Loop features, including impact metrics, is another step in this direction,” said Kamila Markram, CEO and co-founder of Frontiers.

Frontiers pioneered Article Level Impact Metrics and Journal Level Impact Metrics in 2008, based on new online measurements such as views and downloads for articles, and introduced Author Level Impact Metrics in 2011. With this release, researchers receive feedback on their overall performance via a new user-friendly interface attached directly to their Loop profile.

Researchers with Loop profiles see a real-time view of:

“Our mission is to empower researchers in the scholarly publishing and evaluation process. Providing transparent, quantitative and objective impact metrics at the article and author level are the foundation stones to accomplish this mission.” Markram said.

Loop’s Author Impact Metric page went live this month and more enhancements are planned before the end of 2015.

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