Most viewed Psychology articles in September 2015

Spontaneous recovery of effects of contrast adaptation without awareness
Gaoxing Mei, Xue Dong, Bo Dong and Min Bao*

Quantum structure of negation and conjunction in human thought
Diederik Aerts, Sandro Sozzo* and Tomas Veloz

The experience of premature birth for fathers: the application of the Clinical Interview for Parents of High-Risk Infants (CLIP) to an Italian sample
Carla Candelori, Carmen Trumello, Alessandra Babore* Miri Keren and Roberta Romanelli

Manipulating target size influences perceptions of success when learning a dart-throwing skill but does not impact retention
Nicole T. Ong, Keith R. Lohse and Nicola J. Hodges*

Adoptive parenting and attachment: association of the internal working models between adoptive mothers and their late-adopted children during adolescence
Cecilia S. Pace*, Simona Di Folco, Viviana Guerriero, Alessandra Santona and Grazia Terrone

Female social response to male sexual harassment in poeciliid fish: a comparison of six species
Marco Dadda*

Imitation by combination: preschool age children evidence summative imitation in a novel problem-solving task
Francys Subiaul*, Edward Krajkowski, Elizabeth E. Price and Alexander Etz

Brief quiet ego contemplation reduces oxidative stress and mind-wandering
Heidi A. Wayment*, Ann F. Collier, Melissa Birkett, Tinna Traustadottir and Robert E. Till

Effects of broken affordance on visual extinction
Melanie Wulff* and Glyn W. Humphreys

An object-identity probability cueing paradigm during grasping observation: the facilitating effect is present only when the observed kinematics is suitable for the cued object.
Laila Craighero*, Sonia Mele and Valentina Zorzi

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