Most viewed Immunology articles in September 2015

Regulatory T cells modulate DNA vaccine immunogenicity at early time via functional CD4+ T cells and antigen duration
Lizeng Qin*, Guosheng Jiang, Jinxiang Han and Norman L. Letvin

Diagnostic potential of recombinant scFv antibodies generated against hemagglutinin protein of influenza A virus
Roopali Rajput, Gaurav Sharma, Varsha Rawat, Anju Gautam, Binod Kumar, B. Pattnaik, H. K. Pradhan and Madhu Khanna*

Mucosal associated invariant T cells in the human gastric mucosa and blood: role in Helicobacter pylori infection
Jayaum S. Booth, Rosangela Salerno-Goncalves, Thomas G. Blanchard, Seema A. Patil, Howard A. Kader, Anca M. Safta, Lindsay M. Morningstar, Steven J. Czinn, Bruce D. Greenwald and Marcelo B. Sztein*

Systemic sclerosis patients present alterations in the expression of molecules involved in B cell regulation
Lilian Soto*, Ashley Ferrier, Octavio Aravena, Elianet Fonseca, Jorge Berendsen, Andrea Biere, Daniel Bueno, Verónica Ramos, Juan Carlos Aguillon and Diego Catalán*

Female bias in systemic lupus erythematosus is associated with the differential expression of X-linked toll-like receptor 8
Gabrielle Mcdonald, Nicholas Cabal, Augustin Vannier, Benjamin Umiker, Raymund H. Yin, Arturo V. Orjalo Jr., Hans E. Johansson, Jin-Hwan Han and Thereza Imanishi-Kari*

MF59- and Al(OH)3-adjuvanted Staphylococcus aureus (4C-Staph) vaccines induce sustained protective humoral and cellular immune responses, with a critical role for effector CD4 T cells at low antibody titers
Elisabetta Monaci, Francesca Mancini, Giuseppe Lofano, Marta Bacconi, Simona Tavarini, Chiara Sammicheli, Letizia Arcidiacono, Monica Giraldi, Bruno Galetti, Silvia Rossi Paccani, Antonina Torre, Maria Rita Fontana, Guido Grandi, Ennio de Gregorio, Giuliano Bensi, Emiliano Chiarot, Sandra Nuti, Fabio Bagnoli, Elisabetta Soldaini and Sylvie Bertholet*

Pathologic and protective roles for microglial subsets and bone marrow- and blood-derived myeloid cells in central nervous system inflammation
Agnieszka Wlodarczyk, Oriane Cédile, Kirstine Nolling Jensen, Agathe Jasson, Jyothi Thyagabhavan Mony, Reza Khorooshi and Trevor Owens*

Gut-associated plasmacytoid dendritic cells display an immature phenotype and upregulated granzyme B in subjects with HIV/AIDS
Sergei V. Boichuk, Svetlana F. Khaiboullina, Bulat R. Ramazanov, Gulshat R. Khasanova, Karina A. Ivanovskaya, Evgeny Z. Nizamutdinov, Marat R. Sharafutdinov, Ekaterina М. Martynova, Kenny L. DeMeirleir, Jan Hulstaert, Vladimir A. Anokhin, Albert A. Rizvanov* and Vincent C. Lombardi*

IL-17A promotes intracellular growth of Mycobacterium by inhibiting apoptosis of infected macrophages
Andrea Cruz, Paula Ludovico, Egidio Torrado, José Bernardo Gama, Jeremy Sousa, Joana Gaifem, Rui Appelberg, Fernando Rodrigues, Andrea M. Cooper, Jorge Pedrosa, Margarida Saraiva and António G. Castro*

NKp46 clusters at the immune synapse and regulates NK cell polarization
Uzi Hadad, Timothy J. Thauland, Olivia M. Martinez, Manish J. Butte, Angel Porgador and Sheri M. Krams*

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