Most viewed Neuroscience articles in September 2015

Asymmetric projections of the arcuate fasciculus to the temporal cortex underlie lateralized language function in the human brain
Shigetoshi Takaya*, Gina R. Kuperberg, Hesheng Liu, Douglas N. Greve, Nikos Makris and Steven M. Stufflebeam

Dopamine D4 receptor gene and religious affiliation correlate with dictator game altruism in males and not females: evidence for gender-sensitive gene x culture interaction
Yushi Jiang, Rachel Bachner-Melman, Soo Hong Chewand Richard P. Ebstein*

Gender differences in human single neuron responses to male emotional faces
Morgan Newhoff, David M. Treiman, Kris A. Smith and Peter N. Steinmetz*

Extracellular environment contribution to astrogliosis – lessons learned from a tissue engineered 3D model of the glial scar
Daniela N. Rocha, José P. Ferraz-Nogueira, Cristina C. Barrias, João B. Relvas and Ana P. Pêgo*

Expression and function of Neuregulin 1 and its signaling system ERBB2/3 in the enteric nervous system
Martina Barrenschee*, Christina Lange, François Cossais, Jan-Hendrik Egberts, Thomas Becker, Thilo Wedel and Martina Böttner

Neuropeptide S- and Neuropeptide S receptor-expressing neuron populations in the human pons
Csaba Adori*, Swapnali Barde, Nenad Bogdanovic, Mathias Uhlen, Rainer R. Reinscheid, Gabor G. Kovacs and Tomas Hokfelt

Corticofugal projection patterns of whisker sensorimotor cortex to the sensory trigeminal nuclei
Jared B. Smith, Glenn D. R. Watson, Kevin D. Alloway, Cornelius Schwarz and Shubhodeep Chakrabarti*

Neurovascular Coupling: a parallel implementation
Katharina Dormanns, Richard G. Brown and Tim David*

Can we resist another person’s gaze?
Barbara F. M. Marino, Giovanni Mirabella*, Rossana Actis-Grosso, Emanuela Bricolo and Paola Ricciardelli

Switching between hands in a serial reaction time task: a comparison between young and old adults
Maike Hoff, Sabrina Trapp, Elisabeth Kaminski, Bernhard Sehm, Christopher J. Steele, Arno Villringer and Patrick Ragert*

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