Staff Pick: Energy drink consumption in Europe

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This month’s Staff Pick comes from Tania Pernes. Tania is an Editorial Project Manager at Frontiers and is responsible for growing our Health Journals. The article she selected as her staff pick is currently the most successful article in Frontiers in Public Health with more than 28,000 views.

Frontiers Staff Pick: Energy drink consumption in Europe: a review of the risks, adverse health effects, and policy options to respond

As an athlete, my coach used to mention the potential of energy drinks on post-workout recovery or between high intense exercises. Personally I was never a fan of sugary drinks and was always skeptical about them. Fridays were the only days I could go out for a drink or two with my friends. After rejecting the energetic drinks at the gym, I consumed them at the club without even thinking about it.

The lack of information from the young community, aggressive marketing strategies and the unawareness by those who we trust on a family level is quite a cocktail for our health. This article gave support to my skepticism regarding these drinks and I now better understand the risks and consequences to my health. I highly recommend this to anyone, but in particular to athletes who are regular consumers of energy drinks.

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