Open Science and scholarly publishing roundup – October 30, 2015

Selected news, views and information on Open Science and scholarly publishing from the past week

The Guardian
Why peer review needs a good going over

Backlash after Frontiers journals added to list of questionable publishers

Scholarly Kitchen
Open Access at a crossroads

Frontiers Blog
Frontiers’ financial commitment to open access publishing

BioMed Central blog
Common myths about open access…busted!

BioMed Central blog
Evolving service user involvement – next step, academic publishing

BioMed Central blog
What might the future hold for patient involvement and academic publishing?

The Bookseller
Future of academic books debated at Futurebook

White House commits to open access, open education and open data in new open government plan

Chronicle of Higher Education
Subscription scare fuels worries over who controls data that scholars need

Ottawa Citizen
The editor is deceased: Fake science journals hit new low

Daily Bruin
Presidential open access policy makes UC research accessible to public

Research Information
OUP deal with academic publishers releases first content

The Lamron
Open Access Week promotes affordable scholarly materials

PR Newswire
1science to disrupt the scholarly, scientific and technical publishing industry

New York Times
New online openness lets museums share works with the world

Computer Weekly
Using open data to solve social challenges

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