Most viewed Genetics articles in October 2015

Sorbitol treatment extends lifespan and induces the osmotic stress response in Caenorhabditis elegans
Devon Chandler-Brown, Haeri Choi, Shirley Park, Billie R. Ocampo, Shiwen Chen, Anna Le, George L. Sutphin, Lara S. Shamieh, Erica D. Smith and Matt Kaeberlein*
Genetic markers as a predictive tool based on statistics in medical practice: ethical considerations through the analysis of the use of HLA-B*27 in rheumatology in France
Hélène Colineaux*, Adeline Ruyssen-Witrand and Anne Cambon-Thomsen
Association of SLC2A9 genotype with phenotypic variability of serum urate in pre-menopausal women
Ruth K. Topless, Tanya J. Flynn, Murray Cadzow, Lisa K. Stamp, Nicola Dalbeth, Michael A. Black and Tony R. Merriman*
Phenotypic variance explained by local ancestry in admixed African Americans
Daniel Shriner, Amy R. Bentley, Ayo P. Doumatey, Guanjie Chen, Jie Zhou, Adebowale Adeyemo and Charles N. Rotimi*
Cryptic relatedness in epidemiologic collections accessed for genetic association studies: experiences from the Epidemiologic Architecture for Genes Linked to Environment (EAGLE) study and the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Jennifer Malinowski, Robert Goodloe, Kristin Brown-Gentry and Dana C. Crawford*
Mechanisms of mutational robustness in transcriptional regulation
Joshua L. Payne* and Andreas Wagner
Moving from capstones towards cornerstones: successes and challenges in applying systems biology to identify mechanisms of autism spectrum disorders
Nathan Kopp, Sharlee Climer and Joseph D. Dougherty*
Genotype by environment interaction and breeding for robustness in livestock
Wendy M. Rauw* and Luis Gomez-Raya
Genetics of the ovarian reserve
Emanuele Pelosi*, Antonino Forabosco and David Schlessinger
Mammary epithelial cells isolated from milk are a valuable, non-invasive source of mammary transcripts
Marion Boutinaud*, Lucile Herve and Vanessa Lollivier

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