Most viewed Oncology articles in October 2015

Misfolded N-CoR is linked to the ectopic reactivation of CD34/Flt3-based stem-cell phenotype in promyelocytic and monocytic acute myeloid leukemia
Dawn Sijin Nin, Li Feng, Sridevi Visvanathan and Matiullah Khan*

Treatment plan technique and quality for single-isocenter stereotactic ablative radiotherapy of multiple lung lesions with volumetric modulated arc therapy or intensity-modulated radiosurgery
Kimmen Quan, Karen M. Xu, Ron Lalonde, Zachary D. Horne, Mark E. Bernard, Chuck McCoy, David A. Clump, Steven A. Burton and Dwight E. Heron*

Decreased RXRα is associated with increased β-catenin/TCF4 in 56-Fe-induced intestinal tumors
Shubhankar Suman, Santosh Kumar, Albert J. Fornace Jr. and Kamal Datta*

Association between CLN3 (neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, CLN3 type) gene expression and clinical characteristics of breast cancer patients
Joelle Makoukji, Mohamad Raad, Katia Genadry, Sally El-Sitt, Nadine J. Makhoul, Ehab Saad Aldin, Eden Nohra, Mark Jabbour, Ajanthah Sangaralingam, Claude Chelala, Robert H. Habib, Fouad Boulos, Arafat Tfayli and Rose-Mary Boustany*

Structural characterization of mucin O-glycosylation may provide important information to help prevent colorectal tumor recurrence
Adriana Mihalache, Jean-François Delplanque, Bélinda Ringot Destrez, Cindy Wavelet, Pierre Gosset, Bertrand Nunes, Sophie Groux-Degroote, Renaud Léonard and Catherine Robbe-Masselot*

Biological effectiveness of accelerated protons for chromosome exchanges
Kerry A. George*, Megumi Hada and Francis A. Cucinotta

Immuno-stimulation by OX40 ligand transgenic Ewing sarcoma cells
Dajana Reuter, Martin S. Staege*, Caspar D. Kühnöl and Juergen Foell*

Radiation-induced esophagitis is mitigated by soy isoflavones
Matthew D. Fountain, Lisa M. Abernathy, Fulvio Lonardo, Shoshana E. Rothstein, Michael M. Dominello, Christopher K. Yunker, Wei Chen, Shirish M. Gadgeel, Michael C. Joiner and Gilda G. Hillman*

Opposing effects of inhibitors of Aurora-A and EGFR in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
Anna S. Nikonova, Alexander Y. Deneka, Louisa Eckman, Meghan C. Kopp, Harvey H. Hensley, Brian L. Egleston and Erica A. Golemis*

Hyperspectral imaging as an early biomarker for radiation exposure and microcirculatory damage
Michael S. Chin*, Brian B. Freniere, Luca Lancerotto, Jorge Lujan-Hernandez, Jonathan H. Saleeby, Yuan-Chyuan Lo, Dennis P. Orgill, Janice F. Lalikos and Thomas J. Fitzgerald

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