Most viewed Psychology articles in October 2015

Women have substantial advantage in STEM faculty hiring, except when competing against more-accomplished men
Stephen J. Ceci* and Wendy M. Williams

What goes on in the resting state? A qualitative glimpse into resting-state experience in the scanner
Russell T. Hurlburt* , Ben Alderson-Day, Charles Fernyhough* and Simone Kühn

Are common names becoming less common? The rise in uniqueness and individualism in Japan
Yuji Ogihara*, Hiroyo Fujita, Hitoshi Tominaga, Sho Ishigaki, Takuya Kashimoto, Ayano Takahashi, Kyoko Toyohara and Yukiko Uchida

Does Cognitive Behavior Therapy for psychosis (CBTp) show a sustainable effect on delusions? A meta-analysis
Stephanie Mehl*, Dirk Werner and Tania M. Lincoln

Chemosensory anxiety cues moderate the experience of social exclusion – an fMRI investigation with Cyberball
Olga A. Wudarczyk*, Nils Kohn, Rene Bergs, Raquel E. Gur, Bruce Turetsky, Frank Schneider and Ute Habel

Comprehension and engagement in survey interviews with virtual agents
Frederick G. Conrad*, Michael F. Schober, Matthew Jans, Rachel A. Orlowski, Daniel Nielsen and Rachel Levenstein

Interaction effect of response medium and working memory capacity on creative idea generation
Ning Hao*, Huan Yuan, Rui Cheng, Qing Wang and Mark A. Runco

Emotion has no impact on attention in a change detection flicker task
Robert C. A. Bendall* and Catherine Thompson

Differential effects of socioeconomic status on working and procedural memory systems
Julia A. Leonard*, Allyson P. Mackey, Amy S. Finn and John D. E. Gabrieli

A cross-cultural study on emotion expression and the learning of social norms
Shlomo Hareli*, Konstantinos Kafetsios and Ursula Hess*

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