Open Science and scholarly publishing roundup – November 27, 2015

Evolution of open access policies and business models: which way leads to the future?

The Guardian
Top scientists accuse House panel of harassing climate researchers

The Pharmaceutical Journal
How to be an effective peer reviewer

From ‘as soon as possible’ to ‘immediate’ Open Access

The crisis of peer review

Wiley Exchanges
“Attention is not impact” and other challenges for altmetrics

BioMed Central blog
Improving peer review efficiency: highlights from PEERE

The scientists who get credit for peer review

China pursues fraudsters in science publishing [subscription required]

Wall Street Journal China
China’s scientific research at ‘turning point,’ study says

The Guardian
Why combining science and showmanship risks the future of research

PLOS Blogs
Was independent peer review of the PACE trial articles possible?

This is what the spending review means for tech and science

Ottawa Citizen
Scientists “demoralized” by lack of funding and peer review reform demand changes at $1B health research agency

The Guardian
How Desert Island Discs became my treasure trove of research data

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