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eBooks published in November 2015

Below is a list of Frontiers eBooks published in November 2015. All Frontiers eBooks are free to download.


Cerebral cortex is probably the most complex biological network.

Madness and Creativity: Yes, No or Maybe?, hosted by Anna Abraham

Habits: plasticity, learning and freedom, hosted by Javier Bernacer, Jose Angel Lombo and  Jose Ignacio Murillo

Advances in Seed Biology, hosted by Paolo A. Sabelli and Brian A. Larkins

What can simple brains teach us about how vision works, hosted by Davide Zoccolan, David D. Cox, Andrea Benucci and  R. Clay Reid

Hydrothermal microbial ecosystems, hosted by  Andreas Teske and Anna-Louise Reysenbach

Mechanisms of Neuroinflammation and Inflammatory Neurodegeneration in Acute Brain Injury, hosted by  Arthur Liesz and Christoph Kleinschnitz

Wiring Principles of Cerebral Cortex, hosted by  Julian Budd and Zoltán F. Kisvárday

Photonic Integration and Photonics-Electronics Convergence on Silicon Platform, hosted by  Koji Yamada, Jifeng Liu, Toshihiko Baba, Laurent Vivien and Dan-Xia Xu

Mind Over Brain, Brain Over Mind: Cognitive Causes and Consequences of Controlling Brain Activity, hosted by Elisabeth V. C. Friedrich, Guilherme Wood, Reinhold Scherer and Christa Neuper



In recent years, intracranial endovascular use of Balloon and Stent has grown significantly.

Balloon and Stent for Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke: A New Trend for Stroke Prevention and Management, hosted by Firas Al-Ali

Lipid Signaling in T Cell Development and Function, hosted by Karsten Sauer and Klaus Okkenhaug

A Living History of Immunology, hosted by  Kendall Arthur Smith

Immunoglobulin therapy in the 21st century: the dark side of the moon, hosted by  Isabella Quinti, Marcella Visentini and  Albert Farrugia

The Natriuretic Hormones, hosted by  Harvey Craig Gonick and Vardaman M. Buckalew

Podocyte Pathology and Nephropathy, hosted by Barbara Lewko, Gavin Iain Welsh and Maciej Wojciech Jankowski

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