Most viewed Immunology articles in November 2015

Structural Relationship of the Lipid A Acyl Groups to Activation of Murine Toll-Like Receptor 4 by Lipopolysaccharides from Pathogenic Strains of Burkholderia mallei, Acinetobacter baumannii and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Kirill V. Korneev, Nikolay P. Arbatsky, Antonio Molinaro, Angelo Palmigiano, Rima Z. Shaikhutdinova, Mikhail M. Shneider, Gerald B. Pier, Anna N. Kondakova, Ekaterina N. Sviriaeva, Luisa Sturiale, Domenico Garozzo, Andrey A. Kruglov, Sergei A. Nedospasov, Marina S. Drutskaya, Yuriy A. Knirel* and Dmitry V. Kuprash*

Correlation of Hsp70 Serum Levels with Gross Tumor Volume and Composition of Lymphocyte Subpopulations in Patients with Squamous Cell and Adeno Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Sophie Gunther, Christian Ostheimer, Stefan Stangl, Hanno M. Specht, Petra Mozes, Moritz Jesinghaus, Dirk Vordermark, Stephanie E. Combs, Friedhelm Peltz, Max P. Jung and Gabriele Multhoff*

Precision Subtypes of T Cell-Mediated Rejection Identified by Molecular Profile
Paul Ostrom Kadota, Zahraa Hajjiri, Patricia W. Finn and David L. Perkins*

Measles Virus Epitope Presentation by HLA: Novel Insights into Epitope Selection, Dominance and Microvariation
Ingrid M. Schellens, Hugo D. Meiring, Ilka Hoof, Sanne N. Spijkers, Martien C. M. Poelen, Jacqueline A. M. van Gaans-van den Brink, Ana I. Costa, Harry Vennema, Can Kesmir, Debbie Van Baarle and Cecile A. C. M. Van Els*

Cetuximab Reconstitutes Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Secretions and Tumour-Infiltrating Capabilities of sMICA-Inhibited NK Cells in HNSCC Tumour Spheroids
Stephan Kloess*, Nicole Chambron, Tanja Gardlowski, Sandra Weil, Joachim Koch, Ruth Esser, Elke Pogge von Strandmann, Michael A. Morgan, Lubomir Arseniev, Oliver Seitz and Ulrike Koehl

Redirection of Epithelial Immune Responses by Short Chain Fatty Acids Through Inhibition of Histone Deacetylases
May Young Lin, Marcel R. de Zoete, Jos P. M. van Putten and Karin Strijbis*

Streptolysin O Rapidly Impairs Neutrophil Oxidative Burst and Antibacterial Responses to Group A Streptococcus
Satoshi Uchiyama, Simon Döhrmann, Anjuli M. Timmer, Neha Dixit, Mariam Ghochani, Tamara Bhandari, John C. Timmer, Kimberly Sprague, Juliane Bubeck-Wardenburg, Scott I. Simon and Victor Nizet*

Increased NK Cell Maturation in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Anne-Sophie Chretien*, Samuel Granjeaud, Francoise Gondois-Rey, Samia Harbi, Florence Orlanducci, Didier Blaise, Norbert Vey, Christine Arnoulet, Cyril Fauriat and Daniel Olive

PKC-Theta Is a Novel SC35 Splicing Factor Regulator in Response to T Cell Activation
Robert Duncan McCuaig, Jennifer Dunn, Jasmine Li, Antonia Masch, Tobias Knaute, Mike Schutkowski, Johannes Zerweck and Sudha Rao*

A SOCS1/3 Antagonist Peptide Protects Mice Against Lethal Infection with Influenza A Virus
Chulbul M. Ahmed*, Rea Dabelic, Simone Kennedy Bedoya, Joseph Larkin III and Howard M. Johnson

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