Most viewed Neuroscience articles in November 2015

The Eye is Listening: Music-Induced Arousal and Individual Differences Predict Pupillary Responses
Bruno Gingras*, Manuela M. Marin, Estela Puig-Waldmüller and W. T. Fitch

Chronic Intermittent Ethanol Regulates Hippocampal GABA(A) Receptor Delta Subunit Gene Expression
Paolo Follesa*, Gabriele Floris, Gino P. Asuni, Antonio Ibba, Maria G. Tocco, Luca Zicca, Beniamina Mercante, Franca Deriu and Giorgio Gorini*

Your Brain on Art: Emergent Cortical Dynamics During Aesthetic Experiences
Kimberly L. Kontson*, Murad Megjhani, Justin A. Brantley, Jesus G. Cruz-Garza, Sho Nakagome, Dario Robleto, Michelle White, Eugene Civillico and Jose L. Contreras-Vidal

Dopamine, Reward learning, and Active Inference
Thomas H. B. Fitzgerald*, Ray J. Dolan and Karl Friston

Visual Feedback of Tongue Movement for Novel Speech Sound Learning
William F. Katz* and Sonya Mehta

Effectiveness of Music Therapy as an Aid to Neurorestoration of Children with Severe Neurological Disorders
Maria L. Bringas*, Marilyn Zaldivar, Pedro A. Rojas, Karelia Martinez-Montes, Dora M. Chongo, Maria A. Ortega, Reynaldo Galvizu, Alba E. Perez, Lilia M. Morales, Carlos Maragoto, Hector Vera, Lidice Galan, Mirielle Besson and Pedro A. Valdes-Sosa

Probabilistic Atlases of Default Mode, Executive Control and Salience Network White Matter Tracts: An fMRI-Guided Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Tractography Study
Teresa D. Figley, Navdeep Bhullar, Susan M. Courtney and Chase R. Figley*

Fourier Power, Subjective Distance and Object Categories All Provide Plausible Models of BOLD Responses in Scene-Selective Visual Areas
Mark D. Lescroart, Dustin E. Stansbury and Jack L. Gallant*

Optogenetic Silencing of Locus Coeruleus Activity in Mice Impairs Cognitive Flexibility in an Attentional Set-Shifting Task
Kathrin Janitzky*, Michael T. Lippert, Achim Engelhorn, Jennifer Tegtmeier, Jürgen Goldschmidt, Hans-Jochen Heinze and Frank W. Ohl

Loss of Regional Accent after Damage to the Speech Production Network
Marcelo L. Berthier*, Guadalupe Dávila, Ignacio Moreno-Torres, Álvaro Beltrán-Corbellini, Daniel Santana-Moreno, Núria Roé Vellvé,  Karl Thurnhofer-Hemsi, María José Torres-Prioris, María Ignacia Massone and Rafael Ruiz-Cruces

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