Most viewed Psychology articles in November 2015

Working Memory Training is Associated with Long Term Attainments in Math and Reading
Stina Söderqvist* and Sissela Bergman Nutley

Cueing Musical Emotions: An Empirical Analysis of 24-piece Sets by Bach and Chopin Documents Parallels with Emotional Speech
Matthew Poon and Michael Schutz*

Ghost-in-the-Machine Reveals Human Social Signals for Human-Robot Interaction
Sebastian Loth*, Katharina Jettka, Manuel Giuliani and Jan P. de Ruiter

Inter-Group Conflict and Cooperation: Field Experiments Before, During and After Sectarian Riots in Northern Ireland
Antonio S. Silva* and Ruth Mace

Genetic Factors of Individual Differences in Decision Making in Economic Behavior: A Japanese Twin Study Using the Allais Problem
Chizuru Shikishima*, Kai Hiraishi, Shinji Yamagata, Juko Ando and Mitsuhiro Okada

Rhythmic Effects of Syntax Processing in Music and Language
Harim Jung, Samuel Sontag, YeBin S. Park and Psyche Loui*

Neural Processing of Emotions in Traumatized Children Treated with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy: A hdEEG Study
Cristina Trentini*, Marco Pagani, Piercarlo Fania, Anna Maria Speranza, Giampaolo Nicolais, Alessandra Sibilia, Lucio Inguscio, Anna Rita Verardo, Isabel Fernandez and Massimo Ammaniti

When Deception Becomes Easy: The Effects of Task Switching and Goal Neglect on the Truth Proportion Effect
Bram Van Bockstaele, Christine Wilhelm, Ewout Meijer, Evelyne Debey and Bruno Verschuere*

Is the Motor System Necessary for Processing Action and Abstract Emotion Words? Evidence from Focal Brain Lesions
Felix R. Dreyer*, Dietmar Frey, Sophie Arana, Sarah von Saldern, Thomas Picht, Peter Vajkoczy and Friedemann Pulvermüller*

Americans Still Overestimate Social Class Mobility: A Pre-Registered Self-Replication
Michael W. Kraus*

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