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Open Science and scholarly publishing roundup – December 11, 2015

Times Higher Education

Dutch universities and Elsevier reach deal over open access

Open Access Network Austria
Recommendations for the transition to Open Access in Austria


Times Higher Education
Should post-publication peer review be anonymous?


Retraction Watch
Hundreds of researchers are using the wrong cells. That’s a major problem


The Atlantic
Make science more reliable, win cash prizes


The Guardian
Bad PhD supervisors can ruin research. So why aren’t they accountable?


IEEE Spectrum
Investing in PhD research pays off


Let’s stop pretending peer review works
Effective, selective tweets can advance research from lab to policymakers


Times Higher Education

Secret dossier on research fraud suggests government concern over science

Annals of Epidemiology
Is Twitter a forum for disseminating research to health policy makers? [Subscription required]


Why Open Research
How do I find a suitable open access journal?


BioMed Central Blog

OpenCon 2015 and open access in Nepal

China Post
Taiwan tops the 2015 Global Open Data Index rankings
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