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Most viewed Microbiology articles in January 2016

Expanding the World of Marine Bacterial and Archaeal Clades
Pelin Yilmaz*, Pablo Yarza, Josephine Z. Rapp and Frank O. Glöckner

Recombination Does Not Hinder Formation or Detection of Ecological Species of Synechococcus Inhabiting a Hot Spring Cyanobacterial Mat
Melanie C. Melendrez*, Eric D. Becraft, Jason M. Wood, Millie T. Olsen, Donald A. Bryant, John F. Heidelberg, Douglas B. Rusch, Frederick M. Cohan and David M. Ward

A Lipid-Accumulating Alga Maintains Growth in Outdoor, Alkaliphilic Raceway Pond with Mixed Microbial Communities
Tisza A. S. Bell, Bharath Prithiviraj, Brad D. Wahlen, Matthew W. Fields and Brent M. Peyton*

Microbial Metabolism Shifts Towards an Adverse Profile with Supplementary Iron in the TIM-2 In vitro model of the Human Colon
Guus A. M. Kortman*, Bas E. Dutilh, Annet J. H. Maathuis, Udo F. Engelke, Jos Boekhorst, Kevin P. Keegan, Fiona G. G. Nielsen, Jason Betley, Jacqueline C. Weir, Zoya Kingsbury, Leo A .J. Kluijtmans, Dorine W. Swinkels*, Koen Venema and Harold Tjalsma

High Diversity of Anaerobic Alkane-Degrading Microbial Communities in Marine Seep Sediments Based on (1-methylalkyl)succinate Synthase Genes
Marion H. Stagars, S. Emil Ruff, Rudolf Amann and Katrin Knittel*

Out of Thin Air: Microbial Utilization of Atmospheric Gaseous Organics in the Surface Ocean
Jesus M. Arrieta*, Carlos M. Duarte, M. Montserrat Sala and Jordi Dachs

Metagenomic Analysis Suggests Modern Freshwater Microbialites Harbor a Distinct Core Microbial Community
Richard Allen White III, Amy M. Chan, Gregory S. Gavelis, Brian S. Leander, Allyson L. Brady, Greg F. Slater, Darlene S. S. Lim and Curtis A. Suttle*

Bacterial Diversity in Submarine Groundwater along the Coasts of the Yellow Sea
Qi Ye, Jianan Liu, Jinzhou Du* and Jing Zhang

Microbial Small Talk: Volatiles in Fungal-Bacterial Interactions
Ruth Schmidt*, Desalegn W. Etalo, Victor de Jager, Saskia Gerards, Hans Zweers, Wietse de Boer and Paolina Garbeva

Exploration of Microbial Diversity and Community Structure of Lonar Lake: The Only Hypersaline Meteorite Crater Lake within Basalt Rock
Dhiraj Paul, Shreyas V. Kumbhare, Snehit S. Mhatre, Somak P. Chowdhury, Sudarshan A. Shetty, Nachiket P. Marathe, Shrikant Bhute and Yogesh S. Shouche*

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